30. Sep 2014
Nationalist riots in Kharkov
9. Jul 2014
Neonazi attack on Vesti Newspaper in Kiev
3. Jul 2014
(Deutsch) Buchpräsentation: Neonazis und der Euromaidan – am 7. Juli in Berlin
14. Jun 2014
Ukrainian Nazis are attacking the Russian Embassy in Kiev
21. May 2014
Armed, masked neo-Nazis try to kidnap left activists

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Ukrainian Korrespondent reported today: “In Donetsk region, two soldiers of Ukrainian army shot a mother and daughter. This was reported by the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region.

“On June 15 in the village Luganskoye of the Artemovsky district, Donetsk region happened a brutal murder of two local residents: 77-year-old mother and her 45-year-old daughter. Both women died from gunshot wounds.”

“Two UAF soldiers – 23 and 25 years old were detained and confessed to the murder. It turned out that on June 15 the UAF soldiers entered the house where the murdered women lived. The soldiers suspected women of separatism and shot down both women from the gun. Criminal proceedings were launched.