30. Sep 2014
Nationalist riots in Kharkov
9. Jul 2014
Neonazi attack on Vesti Newspaper in Kiev
3. Jul 2014
(Deutsch) Buchpräsentation: Neonazis und der Euromaidan – am 7. Juli in Berlin
14. Jun 2014
Ukrainian Nazis are attacking the Russian Embassy in Kiev
21. May 2014
Armed, masked neo-Nazis try to kidnap left activists

Recently, a video appeared on the Internet, which shows the brutal assault on the oil refinery of Odessa. In the video one can see masked militant thugs storming the doors of the guard post of the refinery. The masked men are supported by armed soldiers with the insignia of the Ukrainian army. The guards of the refinery are thereby forcibly dragged, thrown to the ground and threatened with weapons. The management of the oil refinery of Odessa reported that the storming of the oil refinery started with militant groups such as the mercenaries structure of titanium, which is paid and managed by the Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi. In addition, there was a complicity on the part of the police. It was not the first attempt of the oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi to bring the refinery under his control. Kolomojskyj is also known for financing the neo-Nazi “Azov” battalion in the past.

The 3rd Committee of the UN General Assembly made on initiative of 31 countries a resolution against xenophobia, racism, neo-Nazism and the glorification of Hitler fascism. For the vote on 11.21.2014 only three countries voted against the resolution: Ukraine, USA and Canada.

The official title of the resolution was “. The fight against the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance” and included 48 points, in which the signatory states should undertake to pay particular attention to xenophobic and Neo-Nazi tendencies and to outlaw them. In these 48 points, the signatory States should for example unreservedly condemn the denial of the Holocaust and they expressed deep concerns about the glorification of the Nazi movement and Nazism in any form. This includes the glorification of former members of the Waffen-SS and the erection of monuments and memorials and also the holding of public demonstrations in honor of these.

For the ratification of the document voted 115 countries. 55 countries, including the EU member countries abstained. Of particular concern is that Germany, which is due to its history in a particular responsibility also included.

The full text of the UN resolution, as well as the results of the voting are available on the web.

On sunday evening a huge statue of Lenin was destroyed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov. Previously, several thousand Ukrainian nationalists gathered with blue and yellow State banners, the black-red flags of the Fascist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the fascists emblem of the Wolf Angel on a march “for Ukraine”. First, the slogan “Glory of Ukraine” and a Wolf Angel was scratched into the granite base of the Lenin monument and later the monument was toppled with ropes.

The action was done with the approval of the regional governor, the oligarch Igor Baluta, and the Minister of Interior Arsen Awakow. Baluta had shut off the square around the monument widely by the police to prevent counter-demonstrations. However, the officials let a truck with a winch, which brought the statue to fall, through the barrier. In Balutas arrangement for “dismantling of the monument to VI Lenin,” it said explicitly that the police was not present to protect the monument, but only to guard passers-by of the danger of being hit by flying debris. Interior Minister Awakow wrote on his Facebook page, riot police were on standby to prevent all “armed provocations” by opponents of the Nationalists. Opponent of the nationalists were mercilessly beaten and badly mauled, an announced counter-demonstration was banned.

In the morning, two days after the march of the nationalists a corpse that hung on the fence of a church was found. The circumstances and cause of death are not yet clear.