30. Sep 2014
Nationalist riots in Kharkov
9. Jul 2014
Neonazi attack on Vesti Newspaper in Kiev
3. Jul 2014
(Deutsch) Buchpräsentation: Neonazis und der Euromaidan – am 7. Juli in Berlin
14. Jun 2014
Ukrainian Nazis are attacking the Russian Embassy in Kiev
21. May 2014
Armed, masked neo-Nazis try to kidnap left activists

On sunday evening a huge statue of Lenin was destroyed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov. Previously, several thousand Ukrainian nationalists gathered with blue and yellow State banners, the black-red flags of the Fascist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the fascists emblem of the Wolf Angel on a march “for Ukraine”. First, the slogan “Glory of Ukraine” and a Wolf Angel was scratched into the granite base of the Lenin monument and later the monument was toppled with ropes.

The action was done with the approval of the regional governor, the oligarch Igor Baluta, and the Minister of Interior Arsen Awakow. Baluta had shut off the square around the monument widely by the police to prevent counter-demonstrations. However, the officials let a truck with a winch, which brought the statue to fall, through the barrier. In Balutas arrangement for “dismantling of the monument to VI Lenin,” it said explicitly that the police was not present to protect the monument, but only to guard passers-by of the danger of being hit by flying debris. Interior Minister Awakow wrote on his Facebook page, riot police were on standby to prevent all “armed provocations” by opponents of the Nationalists. Opponent of the nationalists were mercilessly beaten and badly mauled, an announced counter-demonstration was banned.

In the morning, two days after the march of the nationalists a corpse that hung on the fence of a church was found. The circumstances and cause of death are not yet clear.

In the night of 20 to 21 February 2014 activists of Euromaidan stopped buses near the town of Korsun-Schewtschenkowskiy, in which several hundred opponents of Euromaidan returned from Kiev to the Crimea. The armed men took over the buses and burned them down. To all people located therein (approximately 350 people), including women and young people, waited cruel beatings and harassment. The film “The crimes of the Nazis by the Ukrainian Euromaidan: The pogrom of Korsun.” documents this crime, in which several dozen people were killed. The documentation was made by the Ukrainian human rights organization IGCP (Information Group on Crimes against the person).

The city Perwomajsk in Lugansk region is under heavy fire of the Ukrainian army since the end of July. Of the original 80,000 inhabitants of the city only 10,000 still remained. Virtually all large apartment buildings are damaged, according to the OSCE. This is also true for 70 percent of single-family homes. In Perwomajsk alone 200 civilians have been killed in recent weeks. The video shows several dead who were killed when the Ukrainian Army on 11.8.2014 shelled the shelter of the city.