26. Oct 2015
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30. Jul 2015
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The biggest producer of mineral fertilizer in Ukraine „Stirol“ has released an emergency call, because its chemical factory has been shelled by the Ukrainian Army risking that dangerous chemicals could contaminate the environment.

Today is August 10th, 2014. My name is Pavel Brykov, I am press secretary of “Stirol” group. I’d like to make emergency statement. During the last 3 weeks, Gorlovka and particularly territory of the largest chemical giant, “Stirol” plant is being shelled. Ukrainian forces shell it, strike it with mortars. They also use MLRS “Grad” and even “Uragan”. Particularly, on 5th August, UA army fired 5 volleys of the most powerful weapon of mass destruction they have here — MLRS “Uragan” precisely on the territory of “Stirol” plant. And also several volleys of MLRS “Grad”. Shelling of town and chemical enterprise are done everyday at any time of day. I officially state: People of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus are put to the deadly risk of ecological disaster by the irresponsible actions of Ukrainian army. Scales of this disaster are impossible to predict. As damage of “Stirol” plant will cause leak at the Gorlovka State Chemical Factory. Where the “blood poison” monochloronitrobenzene (?) is still stored. Minimal radius of area of chemical contamination taking the wind rose, river basins and Azov sea water area into account is no less than 300 km. And I don’t understand, why is this fact hidden by all Ukrainian mass media.