26. Oct 2015
Torch March of the “Aryans” in Mariupol
5. Sep 2015
Promoting Peace in Donbass – Ukrainian Journalist Ruslan Kotsaba was jailed for Doing it
6. Aug 2015
Ukrainian Nazis Attacked Commemoration and Mourners of the Odessa Massacre Again
6. Aug 2015
Lieutenant of the Ukrainian Military That Killed Toddler Receives Honorary Award
30. Jul 2015
“White Leader” of Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Invited to European Parliament

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Ruslan Kotsaba is a Ukrainian journalist who has been imprisoned since February 2015, who is being charged for his journalistic activities and a pacifist video in which he spoke out against the war in Donbass and the mobilization of Ukrainian forces.

His lawyer, the civil rights activist Tetyana Montjan has given an interview on the situation. In another interesting interview she also stated that Ukraine does not exist anymore.

We urge the Ukrainian government to end this farce and release Ruslan Kotsaba! We call on the German government to push for the immediate release of Ruslan Kotsaba! We call on the German media to show solidarity with their colleagues in Ukraine!

Free Ruslan Kotsaba!

The bloody incident took place in the small Ukrainian village Melioratyvne, near the big city Dnipropetrovsk. A strong conflict flared up  between the villagers and armed mercenaries of “Aydar” battalion, which is fighting for the Ukrainian government against the Donbass. The mercenaries tried to demolish the only statue of Lenin located in the village in the middle of the night. The villagers asked the mercenaries why they came to destroy the statue, which triggered a fight between the battalion and the villagers. Some 20 civilians were seriously injured. When police officers arrived at the scene, they were standing next to the fighters of the “Aydar” battalion and did nothing. The Ukrainian media did not report this incident.