26. Oct 2015
Torch March of the “Aryans” in Mariupol
5. Sep 2015
Promoting Peace in Donbass – Ukrainian Journalist Ruslan Kotsaba was jailed for Doing it
6. Aug 2015
Ukrainian Nazis Attacked Commemoration and Mourners of the Odessa Massacre Again
6. Aug 2015
Lieutenant of the Ukrainian Military That Killed Toddler Receives Honorary Award
30. Jul 2015
“White Leader” of Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Invited to European Parliament

On the 26th of May 2014 the Ukrainian Army under command of the newly elected president Petro Poroshenko started waging a war against the people of Donetsk. The Peoples’ Republic of Donetsk declared independence in Ukraine in accordance with valid international law. But the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is not accepting this independence. He now started a war of terror against the local Ukrainian population in Donetsk and the Donbass region. The Ukrainian Committee for Human Rights is condemning this onslaught on the Ukrainian cities of the Donbass. This lead to dozens of casualties amongst the civil population. We are calling for negotiations.

Videos: The Ukrainian Air Force is launching missiles on the city of Donetsk on the 26.5.2014. We have reports of up dozens of dead people in Donetsk, where the Ukrainian Army tried to take over the airport, which was held by local militias of Peoples’ Defense Forces of the Donbass. Confirmed are at least the death of 43 armed citizens of Donetsk and 2 civilians, who were killed during the air strikes on the city. The international community needs to condemn these air strikes against residential areas, that were carried out with fighter jets and MI-24 helicopters.

Video: The Ukrainian Army is shelling the city of Donetsk. A local residents house is hit by a mortar shell on the 26th of May 2014.

Video: Additionally on the same day the Ukrainian Army attacked the city of Sloviansk with artillery, which lead to the death of civilians. At least 3 civilians died by the shelling. In Sloviansk in the Artem’s district two houses in the Batuka street were directly hit by the shelling.

Another one dead on the same day is reported from the Novoaidar region in Lugansk, where the Ukrainian Army killed the driver of a car.


In the morning of the 9th of  May the newly appointed head of the police department in Mariupol, Valery Androschuk has called for a gathering of local police personnel. He was accompanied by the head of the special battalion “Denpr” (a newly formed death squad of neo-nazi). During the meeting the police chief read to the policemen the order to disperse the rally on Victory day over fascism and arrest ‘the most active citizens’. This victory day rally is held every year on the 9th of May to remember the victory over Hitler fascism in 1945.

The policemen refused to fulfill the order of the newly appointed chief. Then the head of department Andruschuk shot one of them with a pistol on a  rank-and-file policeman. His colleagues immidiately shot back – the head of the police department was wounded and the head of the death squad ‘Dnepr’ was killed on the spot. The personnel of police refuse to obey any orders and declared that they would not wage a war against their own people. Androschuk barricaded himself in one of the offices of the building and called the National Guard to help him in the police department. Immediately APCs, ‘National guard’ and Right Sector militants were sent to suppress the defection of the police to the people of the city. Those promptly arrived and started an attack. At least 14 APCs and tanks were deployed to Mariupol by the Ukrainian government. The citizens of the city immediately took to the streets and tried to stop the tanks with their bare hands. In the end they were not successful. And so the tanks started the onslaught onto the city.

Local residents tried to defend their policemen but the “National Guard” started shooting at the civilians in the streets. Then the APCs and “National Guard” surrounded the police department and opened fire with machine guns and RPGs.

Policemen returned fire. In the end the police department was set ablaze. Some of the policemen were burnt alive inside the building. The police chief Valery Androschuk tried to escape from the police building during the assault. Locals caught and beat him. There is no information yet on the fate of the police chief. It is unclear if he could flee. The images show the police station, which burned to the ground.

Unarmed civilians in the city center tried to confront the Ukrainian Army, when it started to kill even more civilians. The retreating Army shot indiscriminately on unarmed civilians, who gathered near the burning police station. Dozens were killed.

According to Russia Today, one of their local reporters was shot and injured. Ukrainian authorities denied a medical jet from Germany that should transport the injured reporter to a hospital the landing.

Then people started to take over. One of the APCs was seized by them. People on the streets started to chase the army and build barricades. The rest of police personnel, who survived the onslaught, joined them. After the strong confrontation the “National Guard” and Right sector militants had to retreat from the town. The mayor also fled the town.

The acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and the government in Kiev stated about the vents that at least 20 “terrorists” (this is how Kiev authorities now dub the unarmed citizens of southeastern Ukraine) were killed and four more were taken captive. According to local residents of Mariupol and doctors from the hospital the death toll of the 9th was up to 100 people who were killed.

Today, on the 10th of May 2014, local residents started a spontaneous rally under slogan: “Glory to our policemen – our defenders! Down with police-murderers and the National guard”. In the afternoon of the day there are still dozens of dead bodies lying around in the streets of the city, who were killed by the Army yesterday. But the Army has now withdrawn from the city and the city is now completely under control of the local population.

Arrest warrant
Arrest warrant of Mikola Volkov

One of the persons involved in the killings in Odessa was a former criminal with good contacts to high ranking politicians in Ukraine. We recently reported about a dubious person called Mikola, who was involved in the burning of the trade union hall in Odessa. He was seen shortly before the massacre on the phone with the the Ukrainian interior minister Arsen Avakov and later caught on camera shooting with a pistol on the people trying to escape the mayhem. He was now identified. His name is Mikola Volkov. He was born in 1981 and had a criminal past. He was searched in 2012 officially by an arrest warrant.

Moreover, the day before, he was also recorded on video personally meeting with Andriy Parubiy. Andriy Parubiy is part of the transitional government and the current head of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine. Mr. Parubiy began his political career in the 90s in the Social-National Party of Ukraine (now Svoboda) and led from 1998-2004 the armed wing of the fascist party. Since 2012 he is in the Ukrainian Parliament as independent candidate on the list of Yulia Tymoshenko’s fatherland party. From December 2013 to February 2014 he was  “commandant of Euromaidan”, where he trained armed corps to protect the square. His fascist political views never changed during the years.

This video shows Andriy Parubiy speaking to Mikola Volkov on the 29th of April 2014 at a checkpoint of the Ukrainian government, that was set up near Odessa. It gets more clearer that the Ukrainian government is deeply involved in the burning of the trade union building. Mikola Volkov seems to have contacts to high ranking Ukrainian politicians.

In this video Mikola Volkov shoots with a pistol at people who are trapped inside the burning trade union hall in Odessa on the 2nd of May 2014. We reported about this incident here.