26. Oct 2015
Torch March of the “Aryans” in Mariupol
5. Sep 2015
Promoting Peace in Donbass – Ukrainian Journalist Ruslan Kotsaba was jailed for Doing it
6. Aug 2015
Ukrainian Nazis Attacked Commemoration and Mourners of the Odessa Massacre Again
6. Aug 2015
Lieutenant of the Ukrainian Military That Killed Toddler Receives Honorary Award
30. Jul 2015
“White Leader” of Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Invited to European Parliament

The eastern Ukrainian city Kramatorsk was taken by the Ukrainian army last weekend. But the civilian population meeting the Ukrainian Army and the pro government militas didn’t see them as liberators, but as occupiers. Dozens of people already stormed the streets on the 3rd of may 2014 when armed combat units of the Ukrainian army entered the city. Despite the danger of being shot, as was the case on May 9, the unarmed civilian population turned out against the armored vehicles and the military.