26. Oct 2015
Torch March of the “Aryans” in Mariupol
5. Sep 2015
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6. Aug 2015
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6. Aug 2015
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30. Jul 2015
“White Leader” of Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Invited to European Parliament

On the 2nd of June 2014 the Ukrainian Government and its air force bombed the town of Lughansk. The target of the aerial bombing was the civil administration of the city. At the time of the attack the institution was under control of local residents of the city. They were ordinary civilians. Ukrainian media tried to cover up the crime by spreading propaganda and false claims. But the international OSCE mission confirmed that the bombing took place on the 2nd of June about 3pm local time. At least 8 civilians died during the air raid.

The attack was carried out by a Ukrainian Air Force type Sukhoi Su-25. Bomb shells were found afterwards and they the rockets used were most likely identified as S-8KOM high explosive anti-tank air-to-surface rockets. The S-8 rockets were likely launched from B-8M1 rocket pods, each capable of carrying up to 20 rockets.

A local resident shot with a cell phone camera shocking scenes of the devastation and dying of the people who were injured by the air strike on the city.

This video shows how the jet drops the bombs on the city and some scenes in the city center after the bombing.

A surveillance camera filmed the bomb hitting the city:

Videos of the aftermath:

Remains of bombs were captured on video tape: